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Davenport Tractor manufactures parts for the antique John Deere Tractor line. Replacement parts for Two-Cylinder and New Generation tractors now becomes easier to find

Our location in the Davenport, Iowa area is perfect as a shipping location. Orders delivered to either coast of the USA are very reasonable

Our replacement Two-Cylinder parts are made and inspected in the Quad City area by retired John Deere employees that were responsible for making the original parts. You can't get any more authentic.

In the rare chance a return is necessary, our customer service department is sure to please with easy no phone call returns. There is never a restocking fee. Try that at a John Deere parts counter.

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Cloth Spark Plug Wire for Deere Unstyled Two Cylinder 3'

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This Spark Plug Wire is designed with a solid copper core wire, perfect for any John Deere Two Cylinder tractor.  This set is designed to provide the hottest spark available. This beautiful wire has a cotton outer braid reminiscent of the 1930's. An orange braid with black and red tracers compliment the solid rubber insulation core. Our wire set comes complete with the RAJ forked terminals soldered in place. Installation is as simple as hooking up, cut to length, insert rubber boot, add clip, and you're finished. Looks beautiful on unstyled tractors especially when used with our Spark Plug Finials installed.
(Not for use with modified electronic ignition systems)

SKU: DD1615
Weight: 0.44
Price: $20.00 (USD) 


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The Davenport Tractor Inc.® site is dedicated to preserving our farming heritage. We actively farm with antique John Deere Two Cylinder tractors. John Deere parts tractors have been in our collection for many years. Our mission is to provide you the highest quality reproduction John Deere Parts with reliable supplies at a reasonable cost. Davenport Tractor ® is constantly trying to help you find the rare parts for your John Deere tractor that are required to keep your antique Tractor running for years. In most cases we are the part manufacturer. We specelize in replacment John Deere parts, Antique Tractor Parts.