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Davenport Tractor manufactures parts for the antique John Deere Tractor line. Replacement parts for Two-Cylinder and New Generation tractors now becomes easier to find

Our location in the Davenport, Iowa area is perfect as a shipping location. Orders delivered to either coast of the USA are very reasonable

Our replacement Two-Cylinder parts are made and inspected in the Quad City area by retired John Deere employees that were responsible for making the original parts. You can't get any more authentic.

In the rare chance a return is necessary, our customer service department is sure to please with easy no phone call returns. There is never a restocking fee. Try that at a John Deere parts counter.


Carburetor Brass Strainer Assembly

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The Strainer houses a screen to filter the incoming fuel, and covers an integral fuel reservoir that prevents a carburetor vapor lock. Our fuel strainer and cover is machined from solid brass and has sharp clear corners which enhance the "New Look" of your rebuilt carburetor. Replacing the external hardware of an old worn carburetor with authentic new hardware greatly enhances the value of your restoration and resale value of your tractor.